Flytrap allows for a radically different bugfixing experience through the following features:

Game-changing capture & replay

Flytrap allows you to capture bugs in any environment (eg. staging, production) and reproduce those bugs in your own local development environment, as if you were the user that had the bug!

Watch our demo on how quickly you can fix production bugs with Flytrap:

Flytrap Dashboard

Flytrap’s beautiful dashboard allows you to quickly inspect all the function calls that happened leading up to the bug. With Flytrap, you are always ready to debug with confidence.



Due to the way Flytrap is built, it allows us to capture and replay bugs in both front-end and back-end code. This makes it super easy to quickly debug.


Flytrap encrypts everything during transit and at rest. Everything sent to the Flytrap API gets encrypted using your public API key, so your replay data is always encrypted, and only accessable by you. Learn more here.

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